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Warehouse Storage Solutions

Maximizing warehouse space. Improving inventory management. Increasing operational efficiency. All of these can be reasons for exploring the wide world of warehouse storage solutions.

So what storage system is right for you? Here are several things to consider when determining which warehouse storage system is right for your company.

1. Existing Storage Systems – What existing storage system do you have in place? Are you wanting to add to it, replace it, or move it? Is it compatible with a different system? A qualified material handling expert can assist in determining things like compatibility and application in a new design.

2. Equipment – What equipment do you have – forklifts, pallet jacks, pallets, etc.? What are the lift capacities (height and weight) of the forklifts? What are the dimensions of the typical pallets used?

3. Facility – What is the spacing and size of the structural building columns? What overhead obtrusions exist – heating units, rafters, sprinkler pipes, etc.? What is the overall square footage and height of the facility? Is it a cold storage (cooler or freezer) environment?

4. Location – Is there any permitting required in the area your facility is located? Is it a seismic zone?

5. Needs/Purpose – Identify the priority of needs. Is the purpose tied to increasing the number of pallet positions? If so, how many? Or are you trying to add pick locations for a retail/online distribution operation? Maybe you are trying to achieve both. Are you adding to meet current needs or are you planning for future growth? Some companies plan for up to five years of expandable growth when deciding on a warehouse storage solution.

6. Inventory Management – What is the inventory management objective? Is a true First-In, First-Out (FIFO) storage solution the goal? Or is there a need for a pick system with overhead-overflow storage?

7. Inventory – What inventory is going into the storage system? What is the height and weight of each pallet load? Is there a standard size or will there be pallet variation? Maybe you will be storing something special like wire/cable reels, conduit/pvc tubing, lumber, angle iron, or other raw materials.

These are some of the more important things to look at when considering different warehouse storage solutions. Other factors can come into play so it is important to seek the input of a material handling expert during the planning process.

Adding a warehouse storage system can increase operational efficiency, maximize cube usage, provide warehouse organization, and much more. Finding the right warehouse storage solution is an important step on the road of business success.

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